• Sesame Street Mall (Sesame City, West Cybersland) (Opened October 31, 1989) - This location has an PlayPlace.
  • 1490 Iggy Azalea Road (Sesame City, West Cybersland) (Opened May 30, 1994) - This location plays Iggy Azalea songs on the television.
  • 290 Ariana Grande Road (Sesame City, West Cybersland) (Opened December 16, 1997) - This location plays Ariana Grande songs on the television and this location was renovated from November 2015-September 2016 and built an AT&T store nextdoor.
  • 2000 Highway 80 (Gongville, West Cybersland) (Opened January 1, 1999) - Located in the Circuit City store.
  • Gazook Mills (Gazook, East Cybersland) (Opened January 4, 2000) - Located in the mall's food court.
  • Imperial Mall (Imperial, West Cybersland) (Opened April 1, 2003) - This location has an PlayPlace and located in the food court.


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